Monday, October 12, 2009

LAPD evicts VSA Night Community Watch

VSA members were evicted from night community watch on Oct 12 @ sundown. Sgt Reyna informed VSA members that due to legal ramifications and issues such as bonding and insurance the VSA is unable to watch and or secure Venice skatepark from vandals and the like at the sk8prk after dark. VSA will consult with attorneys on the matter as well as City Council and County DA'soffice on the matter. I wish to congratulate VSA members/volunteers who have done an excellent job providing a diligent, safe, vigiliant and professional team of volunteers.VSA members and skaters are upset and saddened as within 10 miniutes of being evicated ,the skatepark was overrun by BMX and rouge skaters.It is obvious the LAPD cannot secure the skatepark 24Hours a day and I fear what carnage awaits in the morning.I want to add that Sgt Reyna said the VSA is providing a neccessary function and he appreciates what we have done but it is a legal issue. VSA will continue it's day hours skate patrol and grounds clean up as scheduled. We need you, John Q skater to join us in the fight for jobs, education and respect. Power to the People!